Freezee is the most incredible new drink to arrive in Israel!

Why is it better than other drinks?

Because it just is! It’s not even worth comparing it to such mediocre alternatives such as Barad (so-o-o-o behind the times). The main difference is in the product. Freezees have a taste and texture unlike other slushes. They aren’t as icy, or “chunky” as others, making Freezees more enjoyable to drink and better at quenching your thirst. They rarely develop “ice caps.” The syrup doesn’t filter to the bottom, leaving a thick slab of flavourless ice on the top. Freezee is a magical and delicious drink that’s “addictive” and loved by millions around the world.

Also, Freezees have an advantage over all others when it comes to flavors. We have started in Israel with a few solid favorites such as Cola, Cherry and Raspberry. We then brought in Mountain Mist and saw a large number of people respond favorably to the new taste. Next up is the addition of sour apple. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to hear about each and every new flavor that arrives in the country. Almost any flavor you can find in the U.S., we can bring to Israel. (Of course, it has to pass our Mehadrin Kosher certification from the Star-K and the various rabbinic organizations here in Israel).

The only way you will ever know for sure that Freezees are the best is the taste test – try one yourself ASAP. Trust me, you will never go back to any of that other stuff again.

Brisk Beverages Ltd., the company that brings you Freezee in Israel, is the only officially licensed provider of Freezees in Israel. The company started in 2009 and has big plans to spread the great Freezee drink throughout the country. Founded by a father and son team, Brisk, named after their American company in Manhattan that started back in 1985, has laid extensive groundwork to successfully introduce the Freezee to Israel. Not only do we have the full backing of the U.S. manufacturer of the Freezee machine but also the support of the company that produces the delicious syrups. Brisk has also picked one of the largest expert companies in Israel to deal with any mechanical or refrigeration repair issues as well as providing maintenance of the machines throughout the country. Kashrut was another hurdle that Brisk overcame as the requirements for Mehadrin certification needed to be exceeded in order to make the Freezee drink available to all.

The idea for the Freezee-type drink began in the late 1950’s when Omar Knedlik, the owner of a Dairy Queen in Coffeyville, Kansas placed some soda pop bottles into a freezer. He pulled the bottles out of the freezer and discovered a cool new frozen product. He served the new concoction to some customers and they absolutely loved it! Since 1996, one company has been making major improvements on the machines used to produce Freezees and other name brands like Slurpee (trademark of 7-Eleven) and ICEE. The current machines have achieved a higher reliability and have settings that can be adjusted to suit the likes of our customers. We can adjust everything from the temperature, the strength of the drink, the sweetness, the amount of expansion and even play with the amount of CO2. Some flavors do better with various special settings and with our Freezee machine, we can adjust each barrel individually.