Freezee Super Special Page

Special offer to win prizes:
1. Go, ideally with some friends, and buy a Freezee.
2. Take a picture of everyone holding their Freezee cups.
3. Post the picture on your Facebook page and share it on Freezee Israel’s page.
4. Get points as described below.
5. Winner gets a Freezee T-shirt, runner up gets a large reusable Freezee cup. Other prizes like FREE FREEZEES will also be given out.

A) Get a point for each person tagged on the photo.
B) Get a point for each like on your photo.
C) Get DOUBLE points for each like on Facebook pages in Hebrew!
D) Can post as often as you like but duplicates of the same picture don’t count.
E) Get an extra point if the Freezee machine is in the picture too!

All rules and counting and prize winning will be handled by a third party paid with Freezees only! All prizes guaranteed to be available and even some extra special prizes that will be announced later. Competition is open for just over a week so get your Freezee pictures now!